My childhood is….

June 11, 2013

I write this as a reply to one of my friend’s note on facebook. Her childhood is like the one you can read in a book: Running on the field all day long, playing games with the boys, living care-free days,… Unlike me a born-and-raised-in-city girl who even don’t know where the heck my hometown is, she is one lucky country girl. My childhood is not as free and simple as her, but we sure have a more convenient life.

My childhood is….

– A total darkness lasted until some blurry images appeared when I was 5. Probably because my brain’s memory part didn’t develop much thus I really cannot recall any single thing people tells me about my past. I only had my conscious about the world when I was 5, exactly was when I got to kindergarten. Beside that I remember some fragile memories about the time me and my sister played car crashing game in the amusement park and I got hit in the head because I tried to take the steering wheel. I, literaly, had no mind control at that time so I just busted into tears right after the hit, and my mouth wasn’t small. And then after that was my own imagination that I had created in a dream.
Sorry my dear sister, but I really had no consciousness then. I must have acted by instinct, so I WAS A VERY ANNOYING PERSON. I feel so sorry for you.
Maybe because there was another soul in my body back then?
By the way, I wonder how the hell can my sister has such a good memory when mine is so awful?

-“Playing” chasing with my mom and the watchman when I first got to kindergarten but too scare to get in class. I must fight with my fear to be able to stop, so mom finally caught me and, she bought me stickers to lure me in the class.

-The fear of being away from my mom when I got to elementary school. I just clang to her and kept crying out loud.

– The hate to my cousin when he broke my precious pink hand-fan my mom gave me. I was really upset, I treasured it as if it’s the love my mom gave to me. When mom came pick me up from grandpop’s house, she held me in her arms and pat my head. I hopelessly couldn’t explain to her how important it was to me. She must have been sad. So I just cried in mom’s arms and hug her tightly.
Remembering it still makes me cry.

– Drawing and writing childish story with my pals. Pretending to be a spy with them. Playing role-playing with my sis and bro.

– Falling and hit my knees on the concrete ground while playing with my friends. Somehow I was always the one who fall most frequently among the whole class, which makes my knees now looks terrible (laugh)

– The awful feeling when mom broke her promises to pick me up from school instead of my grandpop. I had to had dinner and washing in the afternoon in my grandpop’s house because my parent was always busy. I remember there was once time like that I sneaked from grandpop’s sight and ran to his house without him (which was stupid of me at that time due to the bad security in the neighborhood. I made them worry too much). I cried, again, but then my cousin showed up after her schooling and, how kind of her, she tried to cheer me up, which is quite rare of her.

-The happiness it brings when dad bought me and my cousin Barbie dolls. We played together, washed their hair togerther, bathed togerther, well, we did pretty much everything together.

– Going to the supermarket every weekend with dad and sister. We bought snacks, pickled shrimps, prawn crakers, toys and stuffed animal (there were some I really like even now, ie. my little white cute rabbit, the dog-face worm (?!), ect ),… and candles. Hey sis do you remember that 😀
Sadly, my sis is grown up now and she have got works to do so we cannot go like that anymore.

– Eating stuff like Vitamin C candies, frozen yogurt, sweet potato pie,… watching cartoons like Totally Spies, , Shaun the Sheep, … and TV series Charmed, Sabrina, Wizard of Waverly Place,….

Seems like I cried a lot, right? Well, I was a very sentimental and weak, annoying little girl.


This is a picture of me and my sister. My parent told me that I was crying before taking this pic, they totally tried hard to make me go normal like this (laugh). I even got bitten in the leg by a mosquito.
Haha aint I cute?

Ah~ sweet memories.


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