July 21, 2015

I got bored again

I wanna fall in love with the “sitting beside the bed with my guitar strolling through a Lana’s or The Neighbourhood’s songs but I don’t wanna because it’s boring and I don’t wanna do it.

I cannot even draw like I used to before

I got sick just by looking at my copycat-like not mine so-called art work

And no one is home and it is almost 7pm

I’m lonely even though I’m a loner

And I’m bored

I may as well sleep

I cannot believe I really can get this bored even after I have finished my exam with flying lolours

That’s life

Shit just keeps get in the fucking way

And you are just gonna live trough it somehow

It’s been raining all fucking day and I spent two third of my time today riding motor in the rain all around my hometown and I think

“it is not really as big and scary and so much of a maze as I thought it was when I was lost while riding my bike”

So the world is not really big after all when you have seen it all

It is probably a mechanism of brain to neutralize everything and makes it all looks boring

And my brain is exceptionally brilliant in his job
Now what?

It’s my blog I’ll write what I want to


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