March 5, 2016

I was reading a heart and mind note by Lorde.
There are piles of artists who bath themselves in either glory or depression just to show the whole world that they are different and great and cool.
And then there are the so-called artists who doesn’t have to be anyone but themselves to show that we are all nothing but flesh and bone.

I love Lorde because her mind is not filled with nothing but love or gold blink blink or saving the human kind or greatness. She talks out loud her never changing hometown street which we all have, walks us through our the day of doing nothing, counts the floor tiles to ignore the noise of noisy jerks around us all.

For me, being able to realize that we are not great is already greatness itself.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love listening to ever saddening songs of Lana Del Rey, or the powerfully impressive tunes in the songs of 30STM, and other stuff. But they never really get to me.

I’m not really the type that falling head over heels in love and then getting shattered into million pieces like Lana’s songs since I don’t live for love and for the sake of love only. There are other meanings behind her songs, I know, but by making it all sounds to sad and depressing and, uhm, artful, she just lost me.

I truly find 30STM’s lyrics very ambiguous and vast and difficult to understand. I mean, it feels like it’s too “great” to understand, like, he always talk about big things and big people like wars and veterans and global issues and that kind of things. I do like to learn about wars and peaces and weapons and do care about climate change and stuff but I mean, I care because it’s related to my normal daily life and my natural logic and thinking. But somehow he makes them all sounds way too solemn and “great” and, well, not for ordinary people.

But Lorde, she is something else. Her lyrics are full of emotions as if she writes them down as the events are happening. In her songs are small details, the ones that differentiate real daily life to golden coated life appeared on mainstream, never ignored and never glorified by the mind.

Sharing beds like little kids
And laugh ’til our ribs get tough
But that will never be enough

Music ♪ Ribs – Lorde

She feels intimate.


P.S: Sorry for a whole 2 years of neglect. I’ll start writing regularly from now since if I don’t, I might go crazy.

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