Paint the town Red

May 28, 2016

Light’s out, we’r pitch black

Window’s closed, you and I, both silenced

But I touch your soft heartbeat, a glimpse of shudder

I see your starry eyes peeking through the dark veil, but never meet mine

My lips instinct search for yours

Deep crimson falls on pale cracked dry pair of tenderness

I heard your arms telling to yearn to

But eyes are compelled to find nothingness

My mind turns fogged by trouble

“Baby, we paint it red tonight”

Flaring lens shine through, a sky

Imagine our minds flicker city light

Loud voice creaking noise under a subway we go from bars to bars.

Pressing against mine, isn’t it crowded?

Might hurt, but I’m all yours now

Red lips leave scars on melting snow

It hurts, but you enjoy giving sweet sweat

“Baby, I paint you red tonight”

Sepia night sky crying over you

Frozen tears fall on your skin

On the white ground rests exhausted body

We played it hard in my icy lust hell

So a heartbeat is still cold

Is it because of thick hot blood won’t melt snow

But becoming one itself

Or maybe November is on the wall

Shifting into zillion cold stones


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