June 20, 2016

My first year of university

Bolder but softer

New classes but unfinished plan

Friends new and old

Among a crowd of unknown friends I danced for the first time. We were 5 girls dressed in black and sun glasses, shaking our hips in the weirdest way we could along to a stupid song.

I walked bare foot in shorts with my friends to the beach to welcome a dawn without the sun.

I took up Japanese and guitar just to learn how unfortunate I had been for not being able to study these sooner.

What about my doll heads and clay, I bought them and carved. But now all remained was just procrastination.

Getting mocked at by our teacher for choosing the first line seat in class. We don’t study math, all we talk about is movies and conspiracies.

Slowly drift apart from once we were, even if we were nothing, my high school classmate and all.

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