July 20, 2016

My sister is going far away soon. This September she will get transferred to Saigon and work there for 2 years. Ima be alone in the room for 2 fucking year. Maybe more, who knows. And then there is a chance that I may go study abroad when she is back.

I chatted with a friend of mine. She has a sister who also moved to Saigon. She asked me  “Are you about to cry soon ?
“U know, its like, a good turn in life, but in lieu of it you have to sacrifice many things, so its kinda mixed, so i’m like always on the verge of cry the shit outa my eye but not really” so I say.

“Just cry, you will get used to it”

“haaah fuck yeah. Its scary u know, like just a moment ago people were still sitting so close to each other and talk about mundane things and like being all so clingy. The next month u cry and bit gudbye, and then a year later u barely even exchange a word. It just slowly got that way until u realize, shit has got real bad and u feel awkward to even start a conversion with them”

“Thats so true … That happens to me and my cousins . I hate the fact that we have to grow up and be apart . But sooner or later , its a must in life”

“yeah n thats the scary part :'( i guess living means either moving forward or backward, not ever standing still”

“:'( Ughh i want to stay young”


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